How to Stop or Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates Feature

In this article, I wanna share you a latest trick “How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates”. Windows 10 provides smart updating features, which update and installs the latest updates when we connect to the internet. This feature is good for those who wants to update their programs, softwares of windows. But this requires unlimited internet data pack because every time when you connects to the internet the automatic update feature run in background. But every user does not have unlimited data connection and Windows 10 do not provide to stop this updating feature in its Windows update settings. If you wants to stop windows 10 automatic update then this article is really helpful for you. To stop windows 10 automatic updates go through the following steps:

Step 1. First go to the control panel.
Step 2. Click on Administrative tools.
Step 3. Find the services option.
Step 4. In this services window many types of windows services are running.
Step 5. Scroll down and to find windows update service.
Step 6. Right click on the windows update service and click on stop or go to the properties.
Step 7. In the properties options select general setting and disable the startup type.
Step 8. All done click ok.
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