How To Recover/Restore Deleted Files From Android Mobile in 2017


In this post, I wanna share a trick “How to recover deleted files from android”. Android devices are very popular in market because it provides amazing features at low price as compared to the iOS devices. Due to popularity of this technology everybody wants to buy android device. In Android devices we stores our Data like files, contacts, Personal data, messages, Apps data etc. we always worried about the protection of data against accidental loss of data. If your data or files are deleted and you wants to restore or recover deleted data in android then you are on right way. Follow these steps to restore or recover deleted files from your android device.

Step 1. Download and install Data Recovery Machine for Android by Recovery Android.
Step 2. Connect USB debugging mode. Debugging mode can be set by go to the settings->Application->Development. Now click on debugging mode.
Step 3. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable and open the software installed in your PC.
Step 4. Your phone will auto-detected by the software and after detecting your phone you will see a start button, click on that start button.
Step 5. Now please wait until your scanning complete. It will take few minutes to finish scanning depends on the size of your Android device.
Step 6. When scanning is done you will see a red marked list of files. These files are deleted from your phone. Now select the files which you wants to recover or restore and click on the recover button to restore the deleted files.
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