How to Change Mac Address on Android Phones


In this post, I am going to share with you a latest android trick “how to change mac address on android”. As we all know, android is one of the best and most popular operating system that is used in these days’ Almost 1.4 billion people using Android and they use android for different-different purpose. Those who wants to change their phone mac address for permanent or temporary.

In a network, every device has its own identity that uniquely differentiate it from others and this unique identity is called mac address that means Media access control. Without wasting your time now I am proceeding to the trick. But I will explain this trick to you fully detail in 3 Parts that are given below.

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How to Change Mac Address on Android Phone Step by Step:


Here is the step by step procedure to change mac address in android phone.

Part 1:- Root your Android device.

Step 1. First of all Download the Kingoroot Android App and install it.

Click Here to Download

Step 2. Now enable Mobile Data or wifi for rooting your device then

Step 3. Open the Kingoroot App and click or Tap on one Click root option.


Step 4. The whole rooting procedure takes 2 to 5 minutes for rooting your device.

Note: Rooting time depends on your internet speed.

Step 5. Rooting Done.


Part 2:- Install Busy Box on your device.

Step 1. Now you have to download and install Busybox app. You can download it from below link.

Click Here to Download

Step 2. Open the busybox android app and it will take few minutes to fetch your device information.


Part 3:- Install WifiMac Changer.

Stap 1. After the procedure of part 2, you have to download and install Wifi Mac Changer Android App. You can download it from here.

Click Here to Download

Step 2. Open the Wifi Mac Changer app it will show to real mac address of your device.

Step 3. Now click on Generate random Mac button. It will change your device mac address and also you can manually type Mac address yourself.


Step 4. After that click on hard change button then your phone goes to Aeroplane mode and mac address change successfully.


How to get your device Mac address back

Step 1. To get your device Mac address back click on Set real Mac back button.


Step 2. If it fails then open the busybox app and wait until it fetch your device information then minimize the app and follow step 1. Again.

All Done.


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