How To Add Recent Comments Widget For Blogger Blog


In this post, I would like to share a blogger trick “How to add Recent Comments Widget for Blogger”. This widget displays the most recent comments on your blogger blog’s sidebar. Recent Comments widget shows a list comments that are recently comment on your blog. The list will be shows the newest comment at the top.

Parameters to be configured:
  • Configure the total number of comments to display.
  • Configure the Date parameter of Comment to hide it.
  • Configure the parameter to hide Post title in widget. 
Please follow these steps below:
Step 1. To add this widget please Log in to your Blogger Account go to Dashboard, Then go to your blog “Layout” section and click on “Add a Gadget”:
layout dashboard
Step 2. A pop-up window open, find the “HTML/JavaScript” option and click on it:
Pop-up Window
Step 3. Download the code file and copy-paste the codes in the “HTML/JavaScript” box.

File code

Step 4. Replace  the link to your blog link with your blog address. 
Other settings that you can configure:
  • To change the number of comments, replace the “5” value froma_rc=5  code.
  • To add or remove the date on which the comment has been made, please change the “false” text fromm_rc=false  to “true” or “false”.
  • To hide/show the post titles, please change the “true” text fromn_rc=true to false/true.
Step 5.Now Click on the “Save” button and go to “view blog” button to verify the recent comments widget on your Blogger blog is working or not!

Happy Blogging……………

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